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Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland

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The price of $20 per foot shown is for a basic garland only. If you purchase this product, we will build you a balloon garland in a similar style to the photos shown. For this type of balloon garland, we use three sizes of balloons: large (18”), medium (11”), and small (5”). You can choose up to three colors for the balloon garland. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you want additional add-ons, such as foil balloons, real or artificial plants, or extra clusters of balloons added to the balloon frame, there will be an extra charge. This type of garland is considered a custom deluxe garland. We kindly ask you fill out our contact form under the Contact tab on our website and we will provide you with a quote for your custom balloon garland. 

If you are looking for more custom balloon art, balloon walls, or other custom balloon projects, please fill out our contact form and provide us with as many details as possible so we could provide you with a quote. 

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